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About the Peer-to-Peer series

To start building and growing Swiss-African communities around specific sectors, the Swiss-African Business Circle has launched a series of Peer-to-Peer events. This format will allow for attendees to get to know each other through thematic sessions, the virtual exhibition area as well as bilateral networking opportunities which allow for in-depth exchange on specific projects and partnerships. Starting with Agribusiness and Infrastructure in 2021, each event will bring together around 100 participants (representatives of companies, institutions, and government departments) with activities on the African continent and a link to Switzerland.

We are happy to announce the second edition of our online sectoral peer-to-peer networking series PEER-TO-PEER SERIES ON INFRASTRUCTURE on 24 November 2021 via the Hubilo platform.

Infrastructure as a catalyst for sustainable growth on the African continent: what role for Swiss companies? 

 The COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on the global economy and subsequently led to a shift in priorities and fiscal constraints for African Governments. At the early stages of the pandemic, projects were put on hold due to lockdowns and the closing of borders while uncertainty led to decreased investor appetite for new projects. However, with borders opening and a loosening of strict lockdown measures, there has been a revival in the infrastructure sector which will be essential to Africa’s economic recovery in two main ways: firstly, its potential to boost manufacturing and trade within African markets which supports the ambitions of the African Continental Free Trade Area AfCFTA and secondly, the effects that it can have on communities and individuals to improve their overall wellbeing by supporting improved services. This recovery will be a critical factor in addressing demographic shifts that have already been putting pressure on existing infrastructure, including rapid urbanization and a burgeoning youth population.  

What infrastructure needs are there on the African continent and how are they being met by the public and private sectors in Switzerland and Africa? How can Swiss companies effectively manage project risks in the infrastructure space? How are funding gaps being addressed by the private sector on the African continent? What role can companies play in driving the development of local infrastructure sustainably? Despite the infrastructure financing gap, how is the private sector actively contributing to meeting infrastructure needs in African markets? What technologies are Swiss companies offering in their respective sector?  

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