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About the Peer-to-Peer series

To start building and growing Swiss-African communities around specific sectors, the Swiss-African Business Circle has launched a series of Peer-to-Peer events. This format will allow for attendees to get to know each other through thematic sessions, the virtual exhibition area as well as bilateral networking opportunities which allow for in-depth exchange on specific projects and partnerships. Starting with Agribusiness and Infrastructure in 2021, each event will bring together around 100 participants (representatives of companies, institutions, and government departments) with activities on the African continent and a link to Switzerland.

Reimagining agribusiness on the African continent: What will boost productivity?

Africa holds 65% of arable land globally and with 52% of the continent’s population employed in the agribusiness sector, it is inevitable that agriculture will play a decisive role in the growth of the African economy.

Despite this agricultural potential, the African continent currently remains a net importer of food. However, new opportunities are emerging that can increase productivity with a focus on value addition. Evolving technologies and platforms, novel partnerships, supply chain optimization as well as innovative solutions in logistics management and infrastructure are all contributing to the transformation of the agribusiness sector in Africa.

The move toward greater regional integration, through the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), opens new possibilities for agribusiness players on the continent as the commercial landscape evolves within the free trade area. Access to larger markets within Africa can potentially scale up production and value addition processing on the African continent, ramping up intra-African trade and solidifying Africa’s position within global value chains.

This session aims to explore these emerging trends in agribusiness from a Swiss-African perspective and to identify key themes and common objectives.


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