Inscription des membres

Plusieurs options d’adhésion sont disponibles en fonction de la taille de l’entreprise/organisation et de ses activités (voir les catégories ICI).

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The Swiss-African Business Circle (SABC) is the leading independent association promoting business contacts and links between Switzerland and Africa. As an organisation convening companies doing business on the African continent, the SABC stands for international principles on ethical and sustainable business practice across its activities.

International responsible business principles that SABC stands for:

  1. Support of international human rights principles
  2. Commitment to environmental protection
  3. Fair employment and labor standards
  4. Anti-corruption, anti-bribery, and antitrust measures
  5. Compliant and fair business practice

By submitting an SABC membership application, the member:

  • Identifies with the international principles and ethical standards for which the Swiss-African Business Circle stands.
  • Accepts that a transgression of these principles and standards by his/her organisation will be taken up by the SABC Board for discussion and may lead to further action/measures.
  • Acknowledges the terms of the SABC Statutes. Available at the following LINK.